Renewable Energy 
With the world becoming more aware of infinite fossil fuel resources there is an increasing demand for heating systems fueled by renewable energy. 
Solar Thermal Heat 
By installing solar panels to your home you can reduce your energy costs by capturing the free heat produced from the sun and using it to heat your home. However, during winter months you may need to use a boiler to provide extra warmth depending on your energy requirements. 
Heat Pumps 
If your home heating and hot water are currently fueled by electricity, coal or oil you may be able to reduce your bills and lower your CO2 emissions by installing a heat pump.  
There are two types of heat pumps air source and ground source. Air source work by converting the energy absorbed from the air around you into heat. Ground source similarly convert energy absorbed from the ground into heat. This heat is then pumped into your homes radiators, underfloor heating and hot water all year round. We can advise you on which, we believe, best suits your home or property with a survey of the land. 
You can be safe in the knowledge that by installing any of these options you will be lowering your homes carbon footprint.  
At Exmoor Heating we offer a full service from initial inquiries, through to full installation using specialist engineers and certified installers. 
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